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By Fernando Ratkoczy - Executive Career Management Consultant
If you have a tight budget or fancy yourself a wordsmith, you may be hesitant to use professional  job search or even resume building advice. But consider the benefits of making such a choice. Like in any other search, when you are looking for a professional in any specialty you want to make sure you find, select and use the best.
How we define the best comes with the territory. But in most cases we want the most experience, high quality and available individual(s). Itís true that sometimes and not always the best may cost a bit more .
Why would you pay more for something you can get for less? Simple quality. If you hire someone that will guide you with a comprehensive process that will yield better and faster results itís probably more than worth it.
Imagine you hire someone that will help you get a job instead of in two months in one single month. You need to calculate your salary gain of the month. (e.g. If you make anywhere from $2000 to $10000 every month, well if you pay letís say $1000 more you still made $1000 profit and you avoided over 30 days of job search.
Another point to consider is your resume building ability. Your resume is your calling card and need to be the best representation of your skills, experience and knowledge. Not only that, but some marketing included in the structure of your resume may attract more interested parties than not. As a professional Career Management Consultant (Career Counselor, Career Coach, Executive Career Management Consultant, etc) you had the opportunity to build, oversee and correct thousands of resumes in multiple disciplines and you had also thousands of opportunities to personally see what works and what does not work, it makes you a professional. More people interested in you translates into more job opportunities for you, which translates in more leverage and potentially a higher salary.
That last point brings us to negotiation skills. Letís see... How often do you negotiate your salary? Itís true that a good negotiator does not wait until last minute to start the process but sets it up from the first interaction, and believe or not it start at the time of first contact. The way your resume has been written your cover letter is developed and the first words you say when an interested employer or recruiter approaches you , is going to dictate the final outcome of your compensation. Just remember that compensation includes many more items besides your future salary.
A good resume professional knows what recruiters want and don't want  to see in a resume. A professional , will know (and include) keywords that will help recruiters find your resume when searching online.  
The best way of qualifying a professional is checking references, after all employers do it with us most of the time. Well ask for at least three individuals that have hired your potential new career coach and check what they have to say about their experience with them. When it come to this donít be shy. Every case will be different but if your pick knows what is doing and has a wealth of experience, it will also make a great difference in your search, which you might be able to measure in dollars and cents.
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About the Author
Fernando Ratkoczy http://www.linkedin.com/in/fernandoratkoczy is an author and Founder of http://www.NewEdgeProductions.com . If you're looking for Job Search Training, then check out ďThe Fast Job Search SeriesĒ. If you try to reduce your job search time and improve results you found one of the most comprehensive programs in the market. You are welcome to review free previews http://www.newedgeproductions.com/job-training-videos.html







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