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Resume And Cover Letter Tips

When you are looking for a new job opportunity the first thing that a prospective employer sees is your resume and cover letter. Given the volume of applicants in today's competitive job market your resume and cover letter can be scanned over in as little as thirty seconds so you need to make an impact. Here are some resume and cover letter tips to help you be more successful in your chosen career.

Firstly the layout is important. Your resume should be no more than two sides and there should be sufficient white space on the page so that the type is clear. You should avoid using any quirky fonts and colors and make sure that if you are posting out the resume the paper is white. Colored paper looks unprofessional. If you are sending it by email you should make sure that the electronic format is compatible with other systems.

When writing the resume you should have clear headings and it should be well organized. Your name and contact details should be at the top. It is usual to begin with your most recent employment history and set this out in chronological order. If there are any gaps in this then you should be able to account for them. Bullet points are a good way to organize information and keep it concise.

List your education and any relevant voluntary work that you may have done that is relevant to the job. There is no point in talking in great depth about a fashion retail position you did ten years ago if the position you are applying for is as an accountant. You need to keep it concise and keep it relevant.

It is fine to include your interests on the resume, but again keep it brief. A prospective employer will not want a paragraph about your travels around the world, but will be interested that you enjoy traveling, particularly if the job is related to travel or world affairs in some way. The important thing is to tailor your resume and experience to the needs of the job.

The cover letter should take the key duties that the job requires and show how you can meet those needs. You should begin by introducing yourself and explaining how your skills match the requirements. It is also very appealing to employers if you say something about the company. After all you want to work there and they will want to know that you have done your research about the business and you have an interest in it.

The cover letter should not be too lengthy. It is a concise way of introducing yourself and explaining how you meet their needs, but you will be able to expand on things in the interview. Think of the cover letter as an overview of your skills. An employer will make a snap decision of whether to interview you based on how you project yourself in the letter.

If you follow these resume and cover letter writing tips then your application will be much more professional and you will be attractive to prospective employers. Remember this is the first step to getting the interview so your resume and cover letter need to have impact and make you stand out from the other candidates. Follow these simple steps and it will make a difference








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