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By Fernando Ratkoczy - Executive Career Management Consultant
Create a name for yourself in the community whether in your hometown or out in cyberspace.
As you may have heard in the past “Is not what you know but who you know” I’ll go and add something else to the equation, which many forget and might be even more powerful than anything else you may do and that is; who knows you!
Building close relationships with individuals is one of the most powerful methods there is to find opportunities, also known as networking. But the only issue with this great approach is time, one relationship at the time, let’s face it, takes “time”.
The big question is; how do I maximize the networking process and while building relationships I leverage my time and do it at a faster pace? Well you probably guess it, have contact with individuals in groups at one time. Remember the saying; “Everyone knows somebody or something you don’t” multiply this same fact by ten, twenty or even one hundred.
The following exercise will help you not only in the networking process but it also will through the assessment of your qualifications prepare for resume building, interviewing and even the negotiation process of your job search.
What do you do best? And what do I want to continue doing? Should be questions you ask yourself. After all you don’t want to advertise something you are if that is not what you would like to continue doing in the future. I want to insist on this point and make sure you are clear. I have encounter in my career many clients that basically introduce themselves as what they were and not as what they want to become.
Is hard to introduce yourself with a smile and contagious passion when you are almost hoping nobody will  hire you for that job you don’t want. Guess what? They probably won’t. If your networking contacts are not naturally inclined to recommend you they will not do so because you ask them to.
Once you have decided what you want to be when you grow up, then and only then start your self marketing. Create your verbal commercial or introduction, remember that depending on the audience it might be thirty, sixty or ninety seconds long.
Get out in public and start networking. Teach an adult-education class or offer a free workshop in your area of expertise. Volunteer in an expert capacity in and around your town for local organizations and schools or at community events.
Go online in virtual communities to network, share news and exchange career tips. Get your fellow professionals buzzing about you. One of them could lead you to your next job.
It’s clear that some of you may find to speak in public difficult after all research indicates that most of us prefer not to do it if it can be avoided. You are not alone, if that’s how you feel. But as anything else in life practice makes perfect. And you know it’s actually true.
I have personally experienced this miracle myself. In my young years I remember when I was invited to a wedding where I was asked to be the best man for the groom. Needless to say I was honored but at the same time horrified on the prospect of having to get up in this small wedding of thirty or so and say a few words. That’s all I could think about until the day of the ceremony. As we went to the reception my heart was pounding in my chest and even my vision was blurry. The reception was moving on and I tried to be busy and hoped they never ask me to speak, well not such luck. The groom approached me and said; “It’s time to say a few words” I looked at him and responded; “ I have nothing prepared”, he insisted “Just say anything”.
I did not see a way out of this one. I got up and said a few words and believe me when I say, I have no idea what that was. All I remember is people looking at me and waiting. I felt out of breath and my vision was fuzzy. After all I made it. I remember this event so clearly because it was the beginning of the end. I found myself in other situations socially or professionally where I had to speak, and it got easier and easier. I also got better and better. I have to say that now I love to get in front of an audience and speak. Don’t be concern is just natural and it happens to the best of us.

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About the Author
Fernando Ratkoczy http://www.linkedin.com/in/fernandoratkoczy is an author and Founder of http://www.NewEdgeProductions.com . If you're looking for Job Search Training, then check out “The Fast Job Search Series. If you try to reduce your job search time and improve results you found one of the most comprehensive programs in the market. You are welcome to review free previews http://www.newedgeproductions.com/job-training-videos.html







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