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By Fernando Ratkoczy - Executive Career Management Consultant
You might be able to perform in jobs you have never imagined you could. One thing to remember is job descriptions sometimes are complex and use language non-familiar to you. But so far all that proofs is that you have to familiarize yourself with the industry or specific position’s language.  No argument in that you need to acquire some knowledge just to know your way around, but how long will that take?
The best way of accomplishing the task of learning an industry or position language is through informational meetings during your networking process with others. At the same time as you are doing this you are allowing your counterparts in the process to learn about your true transferable skills.
Transferable skills are those that you can bring and use in multiple positions and/or industries. Let’s say you are a great problem solver with an analytical mind. In your prior job you have always come up with solutions to problems. You might have thought “Well, that’s because of my experience and knowledge of my job” you are right but what you also have developed over time is problem solving skills that can be applied on the job or at home and in this case in another job.
Another great transferable skill is to be creative and pragmatic in your approach. You may have looked at processes and procedures in the past and suggested or implemented more efficient and even less expensive ways of performing certain tasks. This is an invaluable skill that employers want since having you there may save them tons of money.
After you understand the language of a job description, read again so you have a better idea of what is expected for you to be doing if you’d be hired. After that substitute the terms by some more familiar ones and then make judgment if this is something you can do or/and want to do. Only then you truly can make a decision.
Think as myself as an example; After 15 years of experience in team building and management, development of company strategy, in charge of operations, translating foreign documents and starting three entrepreneurial ventures I was able to move into a completely different career where I have successfully worked for the largest and most prestigious companies in the world and happily performed for over 12 years (Executive Career Management consulting). I know, I thought the same think, what had my prior experience to do with the new path? But it had all to do with it, I just had to learn the language and process and to figure out how to use my skill and experience in a different environment. As time passed I felt I was doing exactly the same thing just applying it to my clients.
It may be hard to get rich quick, but it's not difficult to get experience in a short amount of time.
Another way to do so may be to volunteer at organizations in your community or at high-profile, non-profit agencies. If you wish to be super strategic, find out if your target employers have employee-volunteer programs and offer your services at the very same places. You may not get a chance to network directly with employees of a certain company, but the listing on your resume will stand out with human resources staffers.
You can also gain experience independently by building on or creating (if you don't already have one) your own portfolio of work relevant to your intended career. Try doing some spec work to show an employer you're serious about the company.
Consider temping in your field of choice or tutoring students. Start something related to your industry, such as a networking group or campaign. And, even if you just finished your schooling, consider taking another class or two to acquire a necessary skill, such as proofreading.
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Fernando Ratkoczy http://www.linkedin.com/in/fernandoratkoczy is an author and Founder of http://www.NewEdgeProductions.com . If you're looking for Job Search Training, then check out “The Fast Job Search Series. If you try to reduce your job search time and improve results you found one of the most comprehensive programs in the market. You are welcome to review free previews http://www.newedgeproductions.com/job-training-videos.html







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